Mineral Products

Mineral Buckets

Molassed buckets are an ideal supplementary feed providing minerals, trace elements, vitamins and fed in an easy to use, palatable lick.  Our range has been formulated with top quality raw materials, using the most readily available sources of micro-nutrients for your stock.  The latest research has been used by our formulators, to ensure that each bucket provides the optimum level of minerals and vitamins for excellent performance and health.

Why Feed Mineral Buckets?

To maximise performance from farm livestock the correct balance of minerals, trace elements and vitamins is required.  Grass and forage crops, including maize silage and whole crop, are poor sources of minerals, which can cause deficiencies leading to impaired animal health.  In some areas the problem is made worse by high levels of antagonists present such as molybdenum and iron that can lock-up essential minerals, for example, copper and selenium, causing clinical and sub-clinical deficiencies.

  • Provides RDA of all major mineral, trace elements and vitamins for dairy, beef and sheep.
  • Contains chelated trace elements to help prevent “lock up”
  • Formulated with multiple mineral sources for maximum availability.
  • Concentrated energy and protein sources to maximise performance from forages and grazing.
  • Contain Omega 3 oils for improved fertility and lamb viability
  • Specialist formulations to help prevent animal health problems e.g. Breath Rite, Hoof Care and Ultra High Energy with + Deccox to help control coccidiosis and toxoplasmosis (VWD is required)



Product Range: Glucolick, Mag Phos Extra, Tapsons Breathe Rite, Ultra High Energy Buckets, Downland Buzz off, Downland Hoof care, Downland High Mag, Downland Sheep Mag, Downland Natural Sheep Energy, Downland Suckler, Tupping Buckets and more...