Mineral Powders

Top quality raw materials palatable, dust free, weatherproof and molassed for feeding free access or in-feed.

All include a full complement of highly available trace elements many of which have their inclusion levels increased in the new formulation.  All contain vitamins A, D3, E and B vitamins where beneficial.

All minerals are supplied by a UFAS accredited manufacturer.

Tapsons mineral users are welcome to consult our on farm technical and advisory back up service.  Bespoke minerals can be formulated to match precisely the individual farm livestock management.  Please ask for details


Product Range: Downland Dairy Phos Special, Downland FA General Purpose, Downland FA Extra Mag, Downland Dry Cow, Beef Grower, Maize Silage Balancer, Downland Sheep Extra Mag, Organic Dairy/Beef.