Milk Replacers/Colostrum

Downland calf milk replacers are designed to take into account the high growth potential of the modern calf.

Often the full production capabilities of the animal over its lifetime are not fully exploited due to lack of growth, or health problems in the critical first few weeks of the animal’s life.

The new Downland range has pooled the expertise of many years of dealing with the health of animals with a high quality nutritional specification to provide the progressive farmer with the best opportunity to fulfil the potential of the animal.

Downland has always had a reputation for high quality health products and this expertise has been use to develop the Safeguard range of protective agents that are added to help produce premium performance.


Product Range: Calf Instant Colostrum, Lamb Colostrum, Lamb Boost, Once-A-Day, Ovicare, Freshstart O.A.D Whey (water).