Small Holder

If you have chosen the good life from the odd pig, few sheep and fresh eggs we offer a wide range of foodstuff in small quantities, bedding, wormers, vitamins, tonics, red mite solutions. We supply a large range of poultry drinkers, heat lamps, and houses


Product Range: Farmgate: Layers Pellets, Layers Mash, Chickcrumbs, Rearer Pellets,Goat Mix, Sow & Weaner Pellets, Pig Grower, Pig Finisher, Ewe Nuts, All Purpose Cattle/Sheep. Flubenvet wormer for Chickens, antipecking, scaley leg, disinfectants. Dog/Cat Feed, Frontline, Effripro, Panacur, Joint Aid. Rabbit and Ferret Feed.