Grass Seed

Good grass is the cornerstone of all livestock production and the downland grass ley range has been developed over many years to ensure top quality highly productive swards capable of exceptional performance under the huge variation of geography, climate and farming enterprise which exists within UK agriculture.

Downland grass seed mixtures are formulated from the best individual varieties independently tested in trials throughout the UK to give the best possible performance under different management regimes. Germination is the measure of a seed’s ability to produce a plant and is expressed as the percentage of live seed in the bag. The minimum germination standards required by the seed regulations are surprisingly low. Italian Ryegrass, for example has a minimum requirement of 75% which means that up to a quarter of the bag can be dead seed that will never produce a plant. Given the importance of high germination to establishment, all Downland mixtures have a minimum germination standard of 90% guaranteeing improved establishment and better value for money. All mixtures are certified at HVS guaranteeing the highest standards of purity and germination.

Full details of the Downland Grass Ley range for 2011 are contained in a seed guide including mixtures suitable for intensive cutting and grazing in addition to mixtures for more extensive use and organic farming. Please ring and request a copy of the catalogue.