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Livestock are prone to a number of parasites and subsequent infections. Both sheep, goats and cattle are susceptible to a form of stomach worm (ostertagia ostertagi and haemonchus contortus, otherwise known as barber pole worm), Lungworm (dictyocaulus viviparus, dictyocaulus spp. or muellerius capillaris), and liver flukes (Fasciola hepatica) as well as many others. With so many potential parasitic infestations, how can you be sure that your livestock are receiving all round protection from their wormers in Bath? Why is it important for your livestock to be free of worms and flukes? What problems can they cause? And what are the signs that your livestock has a parasite?
At Tapsons Animal Health Ltd in Bath, we offer free professional advice on all of our wormers, giving you the best products, ensuring that your animals are well cared for. We also offer advice on a wide range of all kinds or agricultural products, promoting the health and well-being of the animals in your care, and it turn supporting you to run a successful farming business. As regards wormers, our stock includes pour on wormers, drenches, flukicides and combination wormers, offering you the choice and variety to find what wormers work for your animals in Bath. Be sure to ask advice from our awarded SQP members of the team in Bath, trained as animal medicine advisors. As cattle can often become infected with several types of parasite at one time, it is important that you get the right advice on wormers for your animals.
Signs that you know your animals need wormers are varied. Here are just some of the signs to look out for. Your livestock may experience a loss of appetite, and the overall health of the animal will start to show signs of parasitic infestation. In sheep and goats, it will become apparent as they will not produce the same faeces that is recognisable as a healthy movement. Instead of being dropped in firm pellets that fall to the ground, they are soft and loose. This is otherwise known as scours (diarrhoea) and can cause the coat around the back of the sheep to become daggy (dirty and clogged) due to the faeces not cleanly dropping away from the animal.
The need for wormers may also become apparent due to a loss of appetite in your cattle, sheep and goats, resulting in signs of poor nutrition. Even the feed they do consume may not benefit the animals fully as the parasites stop them from utilising nutrients from their regular feed. This, in turn may stunt the growth and performance of your livestock in Bath.
As you can see, the need and benefits of having access to effective wormers in Bath in manifold. Here at Tapsons Animal Health in Bath, we have been caring for the needs of your animals and livestock for over 30 years and we care about the health and well-being of every animal in your care. We also care about providing the help you need to operate your agricultural business successfully.
So, for more information on our wormers and other products, contact us today.