Grass Seed Bath

Grass Seed, Bath

Agricultural businesses in Bath know only too well the necessity of providing good quality food products to your grazing animals. To some it may seem strange to think that farming animals such as sheep and cows, require those involved in animal husbandry to monitor even the grass or roughage that is naturally a part of a grazing animal’s diet. However, like all creature’s, care and attention should always be given to what goes into their systems in terms of diet and nutrition. For example, working farm animals, such as cows that produce milk, will need more specific vitamins and minerals to ensure they are kept healthy and well. This benefits the animals, the farmer and ultimately the consumer.
Some grass seed mixes are not suitable for the animals you keep, others do not produce the same health benefits as another, and other grass seed mixes or types do not germinate enough to make it cost effective. Money wasted on the wrong grass seed bags, is money that could go into other areas of your livestock’s health, care and keeping. These things are important and therefore they matter to you, and in turn they matter to us. At Tapson’s Animal Health Ltd in Bath, we have a good understanding of what your livestock needs to maintain health standards, and grass is the excepted foundation by which to provide a good standard of care.
Not only do we ensure that the products we sell in Bath, including our grass seed, are suitable for your farm animals, but we make sure you get value for money. Our stock of grass seed bags is of HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard) approved, meaning that they are not bargain bags of mostly dead seed, whereby only a small proportion of the seed will germinate. Our products have a minimum germination standard of 90%, providing you with a much more superior product making it more cost effective. Good Quality grass seed, means less money buying more bags later when the poorer seed doesn’t take. In turn this means a better-quality seed for your stock, and a higher basis to ensure and maintain the good health of your animals in Bath, and an overall you get value for money.
Geography, climate and the type of farming enterprise you own in Bath, should also have a bearing on the type of grass seed you will use. Therefore, the range we sell has been developed over time to produce the best results for you. Tapson’s Animal Health Ltd, located in Bath are not just your animal grass feed suppliers and retailers. We have several members of staff who are trained and qualified in animal medicines training as registered Animal Medicines Advisors (RAMA), or SQP (suitably Qualified Persons). This means that we can give you expert advise on which grass feed product you should buy for your agricultural business.
For more information on the products and help we can provide for you and your livestock, please contact Tapsons Animal Health Ltd today.